Saturday, December 6, 2014

This week was a drag.

My family traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday.  While it was nice to get away and to see family, it did cause chaos with my project.  I anticipated the issue with updating blog posts and was able to post twice last week.  My post on resources that I’ve used to learn Chinese will need to be updated, but I did check the box. 

I intended to study using Anki and Chinese Skill each day on the trip.  I did manage to use Chinese skill every day, but I could not get Anki working on my ipad.  I watched Growing Up with Chinese on YouTube as well. 

Obviously I haven’t posted since I’ve gotten back home.  I also have not done too much studying.  I have picked back up on the Anki deck.  It was pretty backed up, but I caught up and it is now back to a usual level of review. 

I am going to play with posting today and hopefully make up for my lack of posting later today.  I plan to recap my first month of the project and figure out what I’ve done well and what I need to work on moving forward.

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