Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Start of Something New

I’m starting this blog to track my progress on long term goals that I am setting for myself.  At the outset I am setting the project length at three months as a hard deadline.  The deadline is February 6, 2015.  Initially, I’m setting two public goals.  I also have a work related goal, that I may write about in passing, but I don't plan on discussing it in much detail on this blog.

The short versions of my goals are:
  1. Maintain blog for the duration of this project.  I would like to create two blog posts per week for the three months. 
  2. Learn enough Chinese to pass HSK Level 4.

I have additional sub-goals in Chinese, but reaching HSK Level 4 trumps other sub-goals.

I will flesh out my reasons for starting this blog a little more in my next blog post.  I will also lay out some ground rules that I am setting in my attempt to reach these goals.

That’s all for now.  Come back soon for more news you can use on what I plan to accomplish with this blog. 
p.s.  Please feel free to leave a comment.

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